Improve Swing

Improve Baseball or Softball Swing

Developed and patented by a professional hitting coach with over 20 years experience working with players of all levels – beginners to professionals, the PowerSwingPlus™ Baseball and Softball hitting tool improves the swing by helping hitter be short to the ball, stay inside the ball, and hit through the ball.

With training, the PowerSwingPlus™ will help the hitter retain the muscle memory necessary for the proper hand and arm position that will result in an improved swing that is SHORT TO THE BALL, QUICK, AND POWERFUL!

When the PowerSwingPlus™ is attached just above the lead (front) elbow with the larger band and the smaller band to the trailing (back) wrist, the hitter will feel:

  • At first restricted. But take a SWING!
  • The hands stay closer to the body at the start of the swing
  • The hitter feels the top hand hammer through, staying palm up
  • Slight resistance with the hands loaded, cocked, and coiled

The resistance created by PowerSwingPlus™ gives the hitter the feeling and direction of the proper hand path the hitter needs to have to be SHORT TO THE BALL, QUICK, AND POWERFUL!

Generate Bat Speed & Power

Generate Bat Speed & Power

Why to I want Bat Speed?

Because getting to the ball faster means that the ball with be hit with more power.
Getting to the ball faster ALSO means swinging SHORT or being QUICK to the ball.

Many hitters swing long to the ball and cast arms out.
Long swing to the ball produces slow bat speed.
With a long swing, it takes longer to get to the ball, hitter loses power the more time it takes to get to the ball.

However, PowerSwingPlus™ will train you to swing the bat faster – OR as they say… QUICK and SHORT to the ball!

This also means the hands are being kept in the PROPER SWING PATH – quick and short to the ball.

It also results in the hands staying INSIDE the ball and NOT rolling over when hitting though the ball!

Staying INSIDE the ball keeps your ready for any pitch and NOT rolling over prevents grounding out.
PowerSwingPlus™ will help you hit SHORT and be QUICK to the ball and produces results – long deep drives!

NOW, all level hitters, for the first time a hitter will know just what it feels like to be quick and powerful – “SHORT to the ball” – staying inside the ball. Modifying your swing path with the PowerSwingPlus™ allows the hitter to train their muscles to keep short to the ball.”

Muscle Memory

PowerSwingPlus™ Develops Muscle Memory

Coaches can tell hitters how to be short, but until a hitter actually knows what it feels like to be short to the ball, then the hitter can make a change and start to develop muscle memory.

This is especially true with a young player. That is why the PowerSwingPlus™ has been expanded for use by kids in the PowerSwingPlusJR™ (ages 7-10 or upper arm of less than 7″ circumference).

PowerSwingPlus™ helps position the hitter’s arms and body during the swing to create the short swing to the ball!
The change in the swing feels new to the muscles and must be repeated as much as possible so it can be programmed as the new muscle memory.
PowerSwingPlus™ creates the motion and feeling of being short to the ball. By practicing this proper motion, the body will begin to naturally repeat the correct motion when the PowerSwingPlus™ is removed!


#TrainElite Like Pros, Colleges and Youth

Pro Tool Sized for the Youth Athlete

PowerSwingPlus™ is now sized to fit the younger athlete  Ages 7-10 up to approx 65 lbs. (fits upper arm circumference of not more than 7 in.)

This pro grade tool can help your youth hitter develop PROPER HITTING SKILLS from the start!

It will REFINE a good swing!
And your youth hitter will DEVELOP a better swing!

PowerSwingPlusJR™ is an essential training tool to build your child’s hitting SKILLS and develop good habits from the start.

Place PowerSwingPlusJR™ on your youth hitters LEAD elbow and TRAILING wrist for hitting off of a Tee, cage work, or live pitches.

With proper use, PowerSwingPlusJR™ will guide the child’s arms through the proper HAND PATH to the ball,
Their hands will automatically be guided to stay INSIDE the ball.  The child will understand what it means to feel their swing SHORT and QUICK to the ball!  This type of consistent training creates MUSCLE MEMORY in every swing.

The results are EFFICIENT focused POWER at the point of contact with the ball.

Scott Moore

Scott Moore, MLB Player

“PowerSwingPlus forces me to have the correct hand path It keeps me inside the ball and eliminates any tendency to deviate from the most efficient and shortest path to the ball.”


Jon Gray, Professional Hitting Coach and Inventor of PowerSwingPlus™

Notice in this animation of Jon Gray above, by keeping the hands close to the body as they pull forward toward the ball with the barrel of the bat slightly above the hands and close to the back shoulder. The hitter now has a quick powerful swing!


Bobby Crosby AL Rookie of the Year 2004

“Anytime I feel my swing getting long, or bat speed slows down. I swing with the PowerSwingPlus™ and hit for 5-10 minutes. Right away my hand path is shortened. Now I can stay inside of the ball and drive it! My bat speed is back and my workout is more productive.”

Bobby Crosby 2004 Rookie of the Year
Wearing PowerSwingPlus™ in REVERSE to prevent back elbow from raising up or “CHICKEN WING”

Jon Gray Professional Hitting Coach with over 20 years experience Wearing PowerSwingPlus™ on FRONT arm ONLY to prevent bowing out and casting

Prevent “Chicken Wing”

bobby-2Sometimes hitters have a tendency raise the back elbow up too far before they swing.
Put PowerSwingPlus™ on in the REVERSE of how described above: Attach bands to the TRAILING ELBOW and on the LEAD wrist, then TIGHTEN the tension. Now when you load up and swing, the elbow is kept in the proper position. No more over raised back elbow or “Chicken Wing.”

Prevent Bowing Out

John-2Sometimes hitters have a greater tendency to bow out on their LEAD arm and end up casting a lot farther out than they should. Keep arm in by attaching LARGE BAND with label on the upper bicep and ATTACH the small band on same arm’s wrist. Tighten bands tension all the way to end. The arm will not bow out because of the restriction placed on the arm by the bungee tension. When hitter swings arm should will stop bowing, keeping arms in better swing position.

See What Coaches Say!

Rob Stuart
Former MiLB player and Head High School Baseball Coach

“Since we’ve been using PowerSwingPlus™ our hitters have improved their bat speed and power. The PowerSwingPlus™ is a simple but extremely effective tool that helps hitters develop a consistent swing plane, speed up muscle memory and promote better balance. The best part of using the PowerSwingPlus™ is that it requires very little instruction and monitoring, it is the coach and the hitter learns to teach himself.”

Ken Compton  

Director of Professional Scouting

“Finally a hitting aide that actually teaches & trains “proper” hitting mechanics! Your device is the best I’ve seen in helping hitters develop and maintain proper arm angles throughout the swing and actually feel the sensation of staying “inside” the ball. One of the biggest problems I’ve seen in young hitters is their lead arm gets too straight causing bad angles to the ball, a long swing, and a big reduction in bat speed. Your device makes it nearly impossible to “bar-out” the lead arm and helps develop muscle memory for a good swing.  I experimented using [PowerSwingPlus™] with my 13 year old twin boys and the results were immediate and “eye-popping.”  Their bat speed improved and they started driving the ball harder, farther, and more consistently than every before.  Now when their swings start to get out of what they just strap on the device for a few rounds and “bingo” they’re back in business. I’ve recommended you device to my organization and would recommend it to anyone who’s serious about developing a quality and proper swing. Thanks a ton & keep up the good work.”Professional Players and Teams at ALL LEVELS use :Professional Players and Teams at ALL LEVELS use :

Professional Players and Teams at ALL LEVELS use PowerSwingPlus™:

Boston RED SOX
Oakland A’s
Cleveland INDIANS
San Diego PADRES
LA ANGELS of Anaheim
Columbia Baseball
Brown Baseball and Softball
Boston College Softball
UCONN Baseball
Fordham Baseball
SUNY Baseball
Pacific University
Central Conn State University Baseball

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Univ of Minn
Franklin Pierce Softball
Cal State Fullerton
Cal State Northridge
University of Oregon
University Tennessee
University Arizona
Wichita State
Old Miss
Skyline Comm College
So Florida Univ Softball
Univ Florida Softball
Cypress City College, California

How To Attach

How to Attach PowerSwingPlus™

Image 1

STEP 1 –

Attach LARGE strap (with product label) just above LEAD ELBOW (JR Strap Label Band)

STEP 2 –

Attach the SMALL strap to TRAILING WRIST

STEP 3 –

ADJUST bungee tension between the ARM and WRIST strap at the steel ring so that there is SLIGHT TENSION on the bungee when the hitter loads up to swing. NOTE: AVOID extreme tension. Do NOT run with product on.

STEP 4 –

Upon SWING, hitter should experience slight pulling of the LEAD ELBOW so that the body naturally pulls arms across chest to swing barrel of the bat into the ball.

Short, quick, efficient swing inside the ball that give you long deep drives!

Use PowerSwingPlus™ as much as you can during anytime you take batting practice – in the cage, live pitches, tee work, soft toss. AND if no time to get out and no one around to toss you the ball, then take 30 dry hacks with PowerSwingPlus™ on and feel the muscle memory form to keep your arms and hands in the proper position to hit that ball like a pro.
Remember do not run with the bands on the arms or you will get a mouthful of grass!