How to Attach PowerSwingPlus™

Image 1

STEP 1 –

Attach LARGE strap (with product label) just above LEAD ELBOW (JR Strap Label Band)

STEP 2 –

Attach the SMALL strap to TRAILING WRIST

STEP 3 –

ADJUST bungee tension between the ARM and WRIST strap at the steel ring so that there is SLIGHT TENSION on the bungee when the hitter loads up to swing. NOTE: AVOID extreme tension. Do NOT run with product on.

STEP 4 –

Upon SWING, hitter should experience slight pulling of the LEAD ELBOW so that the body naturally pulls arms across chest to swing barrel of the bat into the ball.

Short, quick, efficient swing inside the ball that give you long deep drives!

Use PowerSwingPlus™ as much as you can during anytime you take batting practice – in the cage, live pitches, tee work, soft toss. AND if no time to get out and no one around to toss you the ball, then take 30 dry hacks with PowerSwingPlus™ on and feel the muscle memory form to keep your arms and hands in the proper position to hit that ball like a pro.
Remember do not run with the bands on the arms or you will get a mouthful of grass!