Get your Baseball Swing looking like the Pros!

Why do I want Bat Speed or Velocity?

Because getting to the ball faster with higher velocity means that the ball with be hit with more power.
Getting to the ball faster ALSO means swinging SHORT or being QUICK to the ball.

Many hitters swing long to the ball and cast arms out.
Long swings to the ball produces slow bat speed.
With a long baseball swing, it takes longer to get to the ball, and the hitter loses power the more time it takes to get to the ball.

However, PowerSwingPlus™ will train you to swing the bat faster – OR as they say… QUICK and SHORT to the ball!

This also means the hands are being kept in the PROPER baseball swing path – quick and short to the ball.

It also results in the hands staying INSIDE the ball and NOT rolling over when hitting though the ball!

Staying INSIDE the ball keeps your ready for any pitch and NOT rolling over prevents grounding out.
PowerSwingPlus™ will help you hit SHORT and be QUICK to the ball and produces results – long deep drives!

NOW, all level hitters can develop a great baseball swing! For the first time a hitter will know just what it feels like to be quick and powerful – “SHORT to the ball” – staying inside the ball. Modifying your baseball swing path with the PowerSwingPlus™ allows the hitter to train their muscles to keep short to the ball.”

See What Coaches Say!

Rob Stuart

Former MLB player and Head High School Baseball Coach

“Since we’ve been using PowerSwingPlus™ our hitters have improved their bat speed and power. The PowerSwingPlus™ is a simple but extremely effective tool that helps hitters develop a consistent swing plane, speed up muscle memory and promote better balance. The best part of using the PowerSwingPlus™ is that it requires very little instruction and monitoring, it is the coach and the hitter learns to teach himself.”

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