PowerSwingPlus Focus is the Mechanics of Swinging A Bat!

MISSION of Walk-Off Inc.:

To help baseball and softball players of any age reach their highest potential by providing the best hitting device that establishes muscle memory to achieve their best possible swing!

How we achieve this Mission:

slide-1_02Baseball and softball players ranging from age 7 to competitive high school, college, minor and major league players can achieve long deep drives that the hitter dreams about!

The mechanics of swinging a bat – a short powerful swing – keeping hands close to the body, staying inside the ball and full extension after contact – can be achieved not only with traditional practice and repetition but by reinforcing the proper mechanics and creating muscle memory that comes along not with any practice, but perfect practice! PowerSwingPlus allows a hitter to achieve perfect practice by using the PowerSwingPlus in batting practice!

This patented hitting device helps hitters’ maintain correct arm and body mechanics that together with practice and repetition make long deep drives a reality.  The mechanics of swinging a bat is refined, if you already to great, AND will help develop proper form and habits for the newer young player.

About the Inventor –

He knows the Mechanics of Swinging A Bat!:

Creator of the PowerSwingPlus, Jon Gary, has been one of the top batting instructors in Southern California for the past 20 years.

Jon has worked with professionals, college level, high school, softball, and little leaguers of all ages. Some of the players Jon works with include Phillies Chase Utley, former Dodger Shawn Green, Former Oakland A Bobby Crosby, Long Beach State head coach Dave Snow, and Mets Hitting Coach Dave Hudgens, Angels Hank Conger, Chicago Cubs Josh Vitters, New York Mets Valentino Pascucci, and St. Louis Cardinals Scott Moore and more.