PowerSwingPlus Develops Muscle Memory

Coaches can tell hitters how to be short, but until a hitter actually knows what it feels like to be short to the ball, then the hitter can make a change and start to develop muscle memory.

This is especially true with a young player. That is why the PowerSwingPlus™ has been expanded for use by kids in the PowerSwingPlusJR™ (ages 7-10 or upper arm of less than 7″ circumference).

PowerSwingPlus™ helps position the hitter’s arms and body during the swing to create the short swing to the ball!
The change in the swing feels new to the muscles and must be repeated as much as possible so it can be programmed as the new muscle memory.
PowerSwingPlus™ creates the motion and feeling of being short to the ball. By practicing this proper motion, the body will begin to naturally repeat the correct motion when the PowerSwingPlus™ is removed!

Now Sized for the Youth Athlete too!

PowerSwingPlus™ is now sized to fit the younger athlete  Ages 7-10 up to approx 65 lbs. (fits upper arm circumference of not more than 7 in.)

This pro grade tool can help your youth hitter develop PROPER HITTING SKILLS from the start!

It will REFINE a good swing!
And your youth hitter will DEVELOP a better swing!

PowerSwingPlusJR™ is an essential training tool to build your child’s hitting SKILLS and develop good habits from the start.

Place PowerSwingPlusJR™ on your youth hitters LEAD elbow and TRAILING wrist for hitting off of a Tee, cage work, or live pitches.

With proper use, PowerSwingPlusJR™ will guide the child’s arms through the proper HAND PATH to the ball,
Their hands will automatically be guided to stay INSIDE the ball.  The child will understand what it means to feel their swing SHORT and QUICK to the ball!  This type of consistent training creates MUSCLE MEMORY in every swing.

The results are EFFICIENT focused POWER at the point of contact with the ball.

See What Coaches Say!

Ken Compton  

Director of Professional Scouting

“Finally a hitting aide that actually teaches & trains “proper” hitting mechanics! Your device is the best I’ve seen in helping hitters develop and maintain proper arm angles throughout the swing and actually feel the sensation of staying “inside” the ball. One of the biggest problems I’ve seen in young hitters is their lead arm gets too straight causing bad angles to the ball, a long swing, and a big reduction in bat speed. Your device makes it nearly impossible to “bar-out” the lead arm and helps develop muscle memory for a good swing.  I experimented using [PowerSwingPlus™] with my 13 year old twin boys and the results were immediate and “eye-popping.”  Their bat speed improved and they started driving the ball harder, farther, and more consistently than every before.  Now when their swings start to get out of what they just strap on the device for a few rounds and “bingo” they’re back in business. I’ve recommended you device to my organization and would recommend it to anyone who’s serious about developing a quality and proper swing. Thanks a ton & keep up the good work.”