Question posed to us was this about Easton baseball bat selection for a child:

“Question my son weighs 58 pounds and is about a little over 4 feet. What do you recommend bat size for him going to purchase the Easton S1?”

Coach’s response:

While there are many websites that discuss the proper size bat for a player, our experience is that either a 27” or 28” length bat would be appropriate for your son.  You do not want the bat to be too heavy because that can effect your bat speed.  The Easton S1 youth bat is a drop 12, meaning that a 27” bat will weigh 15 oz, while a 28” bat will weigh 16 oz.  Coincidentally, one of our employees has an 8 year old son who is 54 pounds and a little over 4 feet, and he is currently using a 28”/16 oz Easton S1 model bat and is having great results.  They bought the 2013 version because only difference was the paint job and it cost a little less.  Took some searching but found one.   Check out   and – Looks like they have a 2014 Bat Selection Guide.   Good Luck!