Improve Baseball and Softball Swing

Developed and patented by a professional hitting coach with over 20 years experience working with players of all levels – beginners to professionals. The PowerSwingPlus™ Baseball and Softball hitting tool improves the swing by helping the hitter be short to the ball, stay inside the ball, and hit through the ball for the Best Baseball Swing.

With training, the PowerSwingPlus™ helps the hitter retain muscle memory necessary for the proper hand and arm position.  This results in an improved swing that is SHORT TO THE BALL, QUICK, AND POWERFUL!

When the PowerSwingPlus™ is attached just above the lead (front) elbow with the larger band and the smaller band to the trailing (back) wrist, the hitter will feel:

  • Feels restricted at first. But take a SWING!
  • The hands stay closer to the body at the start of the swing
  • The hitter feels the top hand hammer through, staying palm up
  • Slight resistance with the hands loaded, cocked, and coiled

The resistance created by PowerSwingPlus™ gives the hitter the feeling and direction of the proper hand path the hitter needs to have to be SHORT TO THE BALL, QUICK, AND POWERFUL for the Best Baseball Swing!

Now Available and Sized for the Youth Athlete

PowerSwingPlus™  now fits  younger athlete Ages 7-10 LESS than 60 lbs. (fits upper arm circumference of LESS than 7 in.)

Pro grade tool can help your youth hitter develop PROPER HITTING SKILLS from the start!

It will REFINE a good swing!
And your youth hitter will DEVELOP the Best Baseball Swing!

Prevent “Chicken Wing”

Sometimes hitters have a tendency raise the back elbow up too far before they swing.
Put PowerSwingPlus™ on in the REVERSE of how described above: Attach bands to the TRAILING ELBOW and on the LEAD wrist, then TIGHTEN the tension. Load up and swing and feel the elbow stay in the proper position. No more over raised back elbow or “Chicken Wing.”

Prevent Bowing Out

Sometimes hitters have a greater tendency to bow out on their LEAD arm and end up casting a lot farther out than they should. Keep arm in by attaching LARGE BAND with label on the upper bicep and ATTACH the small band on same arm’s wrist. Tighten bands tension all the way to end. The arm will not bow out because restriction is placed on the arm by the bungee tension.  When hitter swings the arm should will stop bowing and keep arms in better swing position.

The Best Baseball Swing is waiting for you! Try PowerSwingPlus Today!

Best Baseball Swing                               PowerSwingPlus Baseball Hitting Aid